Festival Wear: Everything You Need to Keep Party Going Customers Happy

Whether it’s festival season or your customers are looking for cute gear for a concert or other major event, it always pays to stock festival wear! Stuff your racks with wholesale music festival fashion that your shoppers can’t resist. It doesn’t matter whether they’re going to a local festival or an internationally famed event. From Glasgow to the Burning Man, the spirit of the festival is still the same: enthusiastic people coming together to celebrate their love of music, food, and fashion, of course. Give the people what they want with an influx of fun festival wear in a variety of styles. Choose to highlight pieces with a Boho chic charm. Pick out apparel that flawlessly combines comfort with impeccable style.

Perfect Hoodies & Kimonos

                                                    Stripe Lightweight Baja Hoodie

Hoodies and kimonos are a staple of music festival fashion. You can never tell what the weather’s going to be like at Coachella, or an outdoor concert. Nights tend to get chilly, as do large indoor concert venues which call for something warm and cozy. On the chance that the opening act is accompanied by a resounding thunderstorm, it pays to have something comfortable and dry. Since large-scale music events are generally packed with people, bulky, heavy hoodies aren’t always the best choice. You need to offer pieces that are stylish and on-trend, but still lightweight and practical for the locale and the event.

Kimonos and hoodies have a Boho chic flair that will fit right in with the festival atmosphere. Your shop will have a reputation for offering versatile clothing, not to mention impeccable quality. If you’re curating a lookbook to go with your festival specials, make sure to emphasize that your customers can wear a colorful kimono with anything. Jeans and jean shorts are classics, but the classic overlay will also look phenomenal with maxis and short skirts.

A Touch of Tie Dye

                                         Tie Dye Oversized Dolman Sleeve Jersey Tunic Top.

Want to appeal to the festival-goers flocking to your store? Debut a few pieces of tie dye festival wear. Tie dye is another staple of the festival scene. Just look back at Woodstock. Of course, these days, the trend has a fresh, modern edge that keeps it in-the-moment and of-the-now.

Your customers will love the psychedelic and candy-coated color palettes. Make sure you stock pieces that fit large, for endless styling possibilities. Show your shoppers how to tie the tails of their tie dye tops, as well as how to wear them off the shoulder. The look is perfect for camping out in a field while waiting for the next musical line-up because it’s lightweight, comfortable, and could easily pass for pajamas or swim coverups in a pinch.

Lounging Around

                                          Lounge Style Wide Capri Pants With Elastic Waist.

Don’t forget to include bottoms when you update your boutique with music festival fashion. Cute tops are must-haves, but the young women who are prepping to head out into a field and listen to their favorite bands require comfy pants and shorts, as well. 

The wide leg pants are simple, but they pack a fashion punch. The style ensures that they’re versatile. Pairs of comfy leggings are also a great choice. Your shoppers can wear them with tank tops, tee shirts, kimono cardigans, and more. Since the fabric is breezy, they’ll even be able to beat the heat, and never mind the crowds. These are also pieces of apparel that shoppers can sleep in, as well. At the end of a long festival day, they can simply crawl into their tents and snuggle up to wait for the next headliner.

Mad for Plaid

                                             Plaid Button Up Shirt with Pockets

Plaid is always chic but simple. Sometimes, that’s all you need for music festival fashion. Plaid color palettes are often subdued compared to other pieces, but still eye-catching, in a fashionably moody way. Even better, plaid works for spring, summer, and fall. Your clientele won’t have to limit their fashion sense to the festival.

What’s fun about plaid shirts is that they lend themselves well to experimentation, at least in terms of styling them. They will hold its own against acid wash jeans, distressed shorts, and skirts. Shoppers can layer plaid over a tee shirt or cami, or they can wear it on its own.

Throwback Jeans

                                             Distressed Crinkle Acid Wash Cuffed Jeans

Speaking of acid wash jeans, you have to add several denim options into your inventory. Denim shorts, jeans, skirts, and jackets are all staples for the festival and concert scene. Music festival fashion is frequently avant garde, so retro inspired or throwback looks are always a fun and popular choice. New trends often appear at music festivals before they show up anywhere else. You have the chance to turn your clientele into trendsetters by choosing the right wholesale pieces. Use a look book to help your shoppers style their new jeans with overlays, sweatshirts, or cute accessories. The denim has to be the anchor piece. It’s the star of the show.

One-and-Done Delight

                                             Floral Surplice Tie Front Capri Jumpsuit

One-and-done outfits are ideal as festival wear. They save space with packing, plus they’re comfortable and cool. Choose some brightly colored jumpsuit or romper pieces that turn the wearer into the center of attention. Jumpsuits and festivals go hand in hand. In other words, they’re a match made in heaven. Stock up on charming accessories that your clientele can pair with their jumpsuit. Scarves, sun hats, and sunglasses ought to do the trick.
Music festival fashion is fun, edgy, and above all, comfortable. The stylish young women who attend festivals want to move, dance, and party freely, but they also want to pack ensembles that are on-point. Fulfill that niche by loading your stock with vivid tops and trendy bottoms from trend:notes. You can sign up for free to get access to our wholesale prices.

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